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Inventory Menu

Yet Another Spelunky Mod (YASM) is a Spelunky mod that adds an inventory system to the game, along with several other new features that can be customized by the player.


  • Sell unwanted items to shops
  • Hotkeys for inventory items
  • Option to use doors with purchase button
  • Can open crates and chests with melee weapons
  • Set darkness level (normal, always dark, or never dark)
  • Customize length of time before ghost appears
  • Hold items while doing a flip-hang
  • Increase climb speed on ropes/ladders/vines
  • Allow wearing spring shoes to increase the distance you can fall before taking damage
  • Optional smaller HUD
  • Can play levels made with Editor Plus
  • Extra 'Bizarre' game mode for an extra challenge
  • Includes Magic Signs

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