Monsters Entry 34: A playful creature that unfortunately doesn't know its own strength.
Spawns: The Ice Caves
Health: 3 HP
Damage: 1 (Throw)
Stunnable: Yes
Corpse: Yes
Size: Normal (1x1)
Notes: Does not take damage from the Whip

Yetis are common enemies found only in the Ice Caves.

Although they will not chase the Spelunker, they will throw anyone that touches them. This deals one point of damage and often causes their victim to fall into the abyss or bounce back into range of the yeti while stunned only to be thrown again.

Yetis should be considered extremely dangerous. Due to their high HP, they are best avoided altogether as they take a long time to kill without weapons. They are best attacked by jumping on them, particularly if you have spike boots.

In spite of this, they do make good sacrifices if an Altar happens to spawn in the level, due to their abundance and the high level of favor they produce.

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